1. Energy efficiency
LEDs consume far less energy than standard light bulbs and tubes, leading to greatly reduced energy costs. Despite their apparent initial price, the use of LED’s dramatically reduce cost, sometimes even up to 80% just by a lower power consumption alone. The long life and reliability of LED light sources reduces maintenance costs even further especially where crane hire or scaffold towers are a health and safety requirement for maintenance. 
  2. Long life & Reliability
The actual life span in hours is largely dependant on the heat sink of the LED but most manufacturers guarantee a 50,000 hr life span of the LED itself, whereas traditional incandescent light bulbs burn out after a few thousand hours. LED’s are very energy efficient because less energy is used to produce the same amount of light. They last about 10 times longer than a traditional light source and operate directly at full power when switched on. On top of that: LED light sources are perfect for demanding environments or installations where access is difficult: LED’s are encased in virtually an unbreakable high strength compound. 
  3. Environmentally Friendly
Not only do LED’s require less energy and material to manufacture, they do not contain toxic mercury commonly found in fluorescent lamps. The power consumption of LED lamps makes them far better suited for Solar or Wind technology. LED’s also require far less energy to manufacture than other light sources, reducing the environmental impact of artificial lighting still further. 
  4. Technology & Colors
The technology used in LED lighting makes colors appear as close to natural as possible, providing a high color rendering index (CRI), an important factor for any retail store where product presentation is key. LED light sources are of very good quality and offer a much larger choice in colors and color shades than traditional lighting, including beautiful warm white. That, in combination with the latest LED technologies, accounts for endless possibilities and innovative lighting applications, making lighting not just functional, but a powerful and strategic tool to any type of business. 
  5. Better safety & Security
The low level heat produced and low voltages used by LED’s make them a far safer source of light. No glass to break, no hot filament, no gas or noxious fumes. The intrinsic toughness and reliability of LED light sources mean that they are less likely to fail at the times when you need them most (usually in an emergency), thereby raising the user’s level of personal safety and security.